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Are you and your partner not feeling attuned to each other? Do you think you may have somehow gotten stuck in repeating pattern of conflict/avoidance that ultimately leaves you both feeling alone rather than supported and connected? You may have even tried a style of couples counseling that focused on tools and communication skills which tend to go right out the window once raw feelings are activated and the therapist is no longer in the room with you. If so, or if you are just struggling to feel the partnership amidst the struggles in life than I am here to offer help.   I am currently undergoing training as an EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for Couples therapist and offering reduced rates as I complete my training.  EFT is a style pioneered by Dr.Sue Johnson PhD which offers a unique and helpful way of understanding human's need for secure attachment and how this helps to accurately frame the emotions at work in a couple's conflict, as well the pathway towards creating and maintaining a more mutually beneficial relationship.   I encourage you to explore EFT and Dr. Sue Johnson's books/website for more information on EFT - or schedule a session with me today to experience this work directly.

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